Central India

National Park Tour

Tour Central India’s National Parks, seeing wildlife in their true natural habitats. This tour allows extreme flexibility to you based on your desires and needs. Whilst touring inside these nationally designated parks you will also get the chance to go into some of the most significant cities found in India. If you want to discover a new horizon and experience the thrill of seeing tigers and elephants in their natural habitats, this vacation has your name written all over it.

Duration: 14 Days
Places to Visit:
Delhi / Agra / Varanasi / Khajuraho / Bandhavgarh National Park / Kahna National Park / Jabalpur

Central India Tour

Central India - haas remained a secret from most tourists, this has allowed it to flourish naturally and untainted by heavy traffic. It is are on the verge of mushrooming into a popular destination for travel and tourism. The small but densely covered hills of these states are a mystery which waits to be discovered and explored. The tradition, culture, festivals everything has remained covered and is slowly opening up. Most of them are closely related with the life of Buddha and at some places, the last remains of this great soul. Thus, the region also has many surprises to offer, if you are looking to create unique memories and stunning experiences, Central India is the place for your vacation.

Duration: 08 Days
Places to Visit:
Delhi / Agra / Gwalior / Jhansi / Khajuraho / Varanasi